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Wilderness Area to Fully Open; Bob Bartlett Mosaic; Trees; Kindnesses; Etc.

In his weekly report (not on line yet) City Manager Oliver Chi reports that ...

~ The city is "now 3-6 months away from completing the final improvements required before final resolution of the issues at hand, which will pave the way to opening the Cloverleaf Access Point for public access."

~ The Bob Bartlett Memorial Committee is looking for an artist to develop a mosaic mural at Station Square to honor the late Bob Bartlett.

~ Public Works Division field crews planted three drought tolerant Crape Myrtles and one Strawberry Tree in the Duarte Road median just West of Mountain Avenue. Also, 7 boulders and 25 yards of mulch.

~ Last Saturday Kiwanis Club cleared the hillside areas of Grand Avenue Park of dead branches and debris.

~ The MAP "Care for Your Neighbor Program" helped a Monrovia family in need by cleaning the property at 345 Genoa Street. Poor health kept the resident from doing it.

~ Jehovah's Witnesses recently informed the city that they want to place literature carts at several locations around tow. Each cart would be staffed with two people.

~ Representatives of LabLaunch Monrovia (a biotech-startup firm) reports it has signed up several new companies to work at their facility, which is now half-full.

- Brad Haugaard

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