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Progress Report on Encinitas Historic District

Dennis Sanchez reports on the progress in creating an Encinitas Historic District:

Monrovia has only one Historic District, Wildrose, dedicated to preserving its neighborhood from Mansionization.  Therefore, the residents of the 100 and 200 blocks of North Encinitas in Monrovia have banned together to make these two blocks, 64 homes, an Encinitas Historic District.  We have completed 90% of our application and raised $7,300.00 of $11.9k, through, toward city fees, and have been working with the Monrovia Historic Preservation Group and the city to get this completed. One of our homes, 168 North Encinitas, will be on the Monrovia Home tour May 1st.  We have a Facebook page,, for those who want to learn more. Also, a video by Allen Holmquist and Dennis Sanchez containing photos of neighborhood homes and interviews with people living on our street: 

- Brad Haugaard

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