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An Open Letter and Plea to the Monrovia Community

Fellow Monrovians,

If you believe as I do that the Hillside Wilderness area - which Monrovia purchased 16 years ago and which you are still paying off through your taxes - should finally be fully opened to all of us as originally promised, I'd urge you to come to the Monrovia City Council tomorrow night and say so. I'll be there.

The Council will be considering a measure (details: ) that would facilitate the opening of the Cloverleaf entry point to the Wilderness Preserve, and while I strongly support the measure I do not believe it is a slam dunk.

I say this because Mr. Thomas Seuss, a resident who has led opposition to opening the trailhead for many years, has emailed people (I was forwarded a copy of the email) to object to the measure on Tuesday's agenda, so I do not believe it will simply pass routinely and I think it would be very helpful for the City Council to hear that there are people who favor the measure.

The meeting is Tuesday, tomorrow, at 7:30 p.m. in City Hall (415 South Ivy Ave., at the northwest corner of Lemon and Ivy, a block east of Myrtle). There are little speaker cards available when you enter. Fill one out for item AR-1 (see full agenda here: ) and give it to the city clerk at the front of the council chambers. She'll call on you when the item comes up. Then say what you have to say, but, you know, be polite.

It is best to come in person, but if you really can't make it, you can contact the mayor and city council members using the email addresses on this web page:


Why the Cloverleaf entry point is so important:

A bit of history (Note that this is from 2014):


Brad Haugaard

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