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Monrovia Council Approves Measure to Open Cloverleaf Access Point to Wilderness Area

The Monrovia City Council Tuesday night unanimously approved a measure to purchase rights-of-way to open access to the Cloverleaf entry point to the Monrovia Wilderness Preserve. Part of the agreement is for the city to install gates, locking mailboxes for the residents, a water fountain and to perform trail upgrades, so these tasks need to be performed before the trailhead is opened.

Comment: Thank you to the City Council and particularly to City Manager Oliver Chi and his staff for the work they did in bringing this measure before the council tonight!

- Brad Haugaard


  1. Any idea how long this would take?

  2. Great news, thanks for the covergae! Really excited to bike the full trail and not have to hop the gate!

    1. This will just officially open up the trail to Highland. They still need to build trails around the property a mile up the road... or get an easement for that property.

  3. Congratulations and thanks.

  4. Thanks everyone. City Manager Oliver Chi and staff deserve a ton of the credit.

  5. They have been taking our money for so many's about time!