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New Art Show | More Monrovia Movie History | Band to Play at Pearl Harbor

~ Saga Fine Art (110 W. Lime) has a new show called "Intimate Spaces," featuring interiors, still life, private gardens and doorways through Dec. 2.

~ More on Monrovia's movie history. A movie parade and everything.

~ The Monrovia School Board will consider approving a field trip for Monrovia High School Band students to travel to Honolulu to perform in the 75th Anniversary Pearl Harbor Mass Band, December 4-9. Also, the board will consider consider a dual-enrollment deal with Citrus College. If you are desperate to know more, click the link, but the school district has switched to putting everything in one humongous PDF file. This one is 150 pages long: Click here if you have a fast connection.

- Brad Haugaard

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