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Monrovia's AeroVironment Has New Drone for Farm, Energy, Transportation Industries | Garden Club Potluck

~ Monrovia-based AeroVironment has a new drone called Quantix out that targets the agricultural, energy and transportation markets. It is equipped with four rotors, two on the ends of a single wing, and takes off vertically. Product line manager Tom Stone said, "If you can draw a box on a screen and push a button, you can fly Quantix. You don't have to learn how to fly it, how to land it, and it'll take off automatically, plan the mission automatically, fly that mission automatically, come back and land, and you can take the data card and put it in this tablet and you can look at the results immediately."

~ The Monrovia Garden Club will hold its Annual Holiday Pot Luck on Tuesday Dec. 6, at 7 p.m. in the Fellowship Hall at First Presbyterian Church, at Myrtle and Foothill. There will be a silent auction for items donated by members. The meeting is open to the public and starts at 6:30 pm.

- Brad Haugaard

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