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Monrovia Fire Insurance Rates May Go Down; So Should the Interest Rates It Pays; Fuzzy Employees; Opening of Hillside Gate; Big Burglary Bust

In his weekly report ( ), City Manager Oliver Chi reports:

~ Improvements to the Monrovia Fire Department could save property owners from 6-8% on their fire insurance.  "If we are successful in raising our ISO rating from a Class 3 to an ISO rating of Class 2, the net result for property owners would be a noticeable and measurable decrease in fire insurance premiums."

~ Monrovia's bond rating has been improved to AA- by Standard & Poor, the bond rating agency, which brings it up to "high grade investment level." In short, this means the city pays less to borrow money. "It wasn't that long ago that securities from the City were considered lower medium grade investments in the BBB- to BBB+ range." The S&B rating levels go up several more notches, to "prime," which is an AAA rating.

~ If you see fuzzy city employees this month, it is because this is "No Shave November," a cancer awareness event.  All City staff who participate pay $40, all of which will go to fight cancer. Participants will forgo shaving during the entire month of November, and maybe win an award, like the "50 Shades of Grey" award for the best natural grey beard.

~ The city is "just about finished" with all of the needed capital enhancements to open the Cloverleaf and Ridgeside Access Points to the Hillside Wilderness Preserve. There will be a "soft" opening this week, in which trail enthusiasts will be invited to test it out, then the final work will be completed (mostly signs and stuff) and then on Nov. 15 the City Council will give its final approval.

~ Monrovia Police had a big success recently. Four burglary suspects in one day. Here's more detail:

- Brad Haugaard

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