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Monrovia To Declare Hillside Area a Park and Restrict Parking Near Entry Points

At its next meeting ( ) the Monrovia City Council will, among other things, consider ...

~ Adopting the Hillside Wilderness Preserve as an "official park," which will allow the city to establish formal hours of operation and other rules.

~ Implement a parking-by-permit-only program next to the Hillside Wilderness Area entry points, specifically: On Ridgeside Drive between Briarcliff Drive and Oakglade Drive; On Cloverleaf Drive between North Alta Vista Avenue and Hidden Valley Avenue; On Hidden Valley Avenue from Cloverleaf Drive to the terminus of Hidden Valley Avenue. Comment: I am not opposed to some parking restrictions, but this is very excessive. I'll have more to say about it soon.

- Brad Haugaard


  1. What the heck! Where are people supposed to park?

  2. Enough with the rules. Thank you Monrovia for getting Clamshell gate open. Now please go away. These hillsides have been enjoyed by hikers and bikers for 60 years just fine. (Cloverleaf gate wasn't always blocked off ) The funny thing is even after they make these rules, I bet they don't do anything about the homeless that camp up there.

  3. I should have a follow-up report on this later today.

  4. Please put a sign on the gate within a gate at lower clamshell entry. Two very nice gentlemen with their dogs turned away last Sunday because the big gate was locked. They didn't realize the little gate was unlocked until I showed them.