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Water Still Flowing Down Myrtle

A correspondent who mentioned this problem earlier says it is still going on. He writes that the pictures below, taken this morning, show water coming from the Jack In The Box shopping area at the corner of Duarte Road and Myrtle Ave (first picture). Some of it then flows along Duarte Road (second picture), and some down Myrtle "past Spanner on Myrtle as far as I can see" (third picture). He said he has been sending similar pictures to the city for years and that "if the city expects the residents to meet their savings goal of 28%, it should start with the larger businesses that are wasting thousands of gallons a day. What does it take to get this to stop?"

- Brad Haugaard


  1. I noticed this this morning on my way to work. Maybe we should start boycotting these businesses until they comply with the water conservation effort.

  2. I like your idea Dave-O, but of course people won't since they drive through it everyday and don't even report it to the city, not that it helps!