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Monrovia Saving Water; Trimming Fig; Working on Wilderness Entrance; Etc.

From City Manager Oliver Chi's weekly report:

- Before Phase 1 of Monrovia's water conservation program, each Monrovian was using an average of 159.5 gallons of water per day. After Phase1 1 was implemented, this dropped to 139.4 gallons of water per day.

- The Morton Bay Fig at Library Park will be trimmed this Friday, May 29. Crews will be thinning the tree canopy.

- Mayor Adams and Council member Crudgington, along with staff, met with neighbors in the Hidden Valley community to discuss the Cloverleaf access point to the city's Wilderness preserve. "Based on that meeting and subsequent discussions with neighborhood representatives, we have worked to develop a working committee to address the issues that have been raised by residents regarding access to the Hillside Wilderness Preserve through Cloverleaf Drive."

Comment: Fine, but why are potential users of the trail not included in this working committee? There is a Monrovia hiking club and I'm sure some of the bike shops could direct city staff to mountain bike riders.

- Street paving for the Station Square project has been postponed to June 4. Difficulties.

- The sumnmer edition of Monrovia Today is online here:

- A new fountain (recirculating) has been installed at the Monrovia Historic Museum to replace a damaged one.


- Brad Haugaard

1 comment:

  1. A committee of people who don't want to allow access. Great.