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Monrovia Old Town Vacancy Rate Improving; Monrovian Wins 'Fountain to Falls,' Police and Fire Officers Honored; Fire Tower Okay

In his weekly report, City Manager Oliver Chi reports that ...

- The Old Town vacancy rate is less than 7% for fiscal 2014-15, lower than the last several years. Chi said there are "292 business locations in Old Town, and 272 of those spaces are open and operating."

- 303 people registered for the 7-mile Fountain to the Falls foot race, and Monrovian Kyle Bueckert was the first person to finish the race in a record-setting time of 39 minutes and 58.85 seconds.

- At the May 27 Congressional Prayer Breakfast Congresswoman Grace Napolitano will honor Agent Richard Schneider from the Monrovia Police Department, and Firefighter Nick Broad from the Monrovia Fire Department

- The Fire Department training tower passed its final building inspection this past week and is now ready for use.


- Brad Haugaard

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