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Monrovia Mayor: Skip Mayor's Conference; Repair Sidewalks Instead

At tonight's Monrovia City Council meeting, Mayor Tom Adams clarified an agenda item under his name that said, "Consideration of Withdrawal from US Conference of Mayors." He said that actually, for this year's conference, he just doesn't want to attend as there doesn't seem to be much of value on the agenda. Instead, he said, he'd like to have the conference money put into repairing sidewalks. But, he said, he thinks the council should later consider which organizations - including the Conference of Mayors - the city needs to belong to.

- Brad Haugaard


  1. I like it. Nice idea by Tom

  2. Here is the Agenda:
    The meeting is not that far away in San Francisco and it seems to me that there are several items that would be of interest to Monrovia.

  3. Good for Adams. Just because something can be done hardly means it should be. I'll guess ex-Mayor Putz enjoyed the trip away from home rather than repairing a sidewalk.

    It's a question of priorities. Adams has his right.