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Update on Calvary Chapel's Planned Purchase of Monrovia's 4th Dimension

In an effort to keep the community informed about their progress toward acquiring a new permanent church building in Monrovia, Calvary Chapel Monrovia's Senior Pastor Richard Schork confirmed that they still are in process to finalize the details for the purchase of the 4th Dimension building.

The original escrow was to close last month, but the church chose to exercise their contingency right in order to further the discussions with the owners. Plans were submitted to the city for review and comments and the church and building owners are in the process to working out the details for a mutually acceptable transaction.

Mike Antenesse, the Administrative Pastor, expressed how delighted he is for the tremendous support of the Monrovia civic and business communities during the past few months. "We are committed to and excited about continuing to serve the community here in Monrovia; finding a permanent home for our congregation is high on our priority list."

Calvary Chapel is currently meeting in rented facilities at the United Methodist Church and at the Duarte Performing Arts Center. Should they reach a new agreement with the owners, their new campus at 324 Myrtle Ave, (when completed), will house a Family Friendly Bookstore and a Café on Myrtle Ave and meeting rooms and offices for the church entrancing from the rear of the building.

For further information, please contact their Administrative Pastor, Mike Antenesse at 817.2210 or
Source: Calvary Chapel press release

- Brad Haugaard

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