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Adams Now New Monrovia Mayor; Crudgington Joins Council

Tonight Tom Adams became mayor of Monrovia and Gloria Crudgington became the newest city council member. Former mayor Mary Ann Lutz stepped down. While the campaign between Adams and Lutz was a bit testy at times, tonight everybody was polite. Adams complimented Lutz, saying, "What you did for Monrovia can't be replicated by anyone," and Lutz said that while she was "profoundly saddened" that she will not be part of the city leadership, she wished the new mayor her best.

In his opening remarks as mayor, Adams announced one substantive change and one superficial one. Substantive: He said he thinks council members could better learn how the city is governed if they switch committee assignments every year rather than every two years. Superficial: He said that while he will attempt to be "presentable," he doesn't much like ties and doesn't plan to start wearing one just because he's now sitting in the mayor's chair.

Comment: It's hard to be gracious when you've just lost, but Mary Ann was gracious. Good for her.

- Brad Haugaard


  1. "Adams complimented Lutz, saying, 'What you did for Monrovia can't be replicated by anyone.'"
    I *guess* that's a compliment .....

    1. Was Blackburn named Mayor Pro Tem?

  2. I believe it was Larry Spicer.

  3. In my thirty-eight years in this city, we've had two extraordinary mayors, Bob Bartlett and Mary Ann Lutz, both of whom worked harder than should be humanly possible to make the city a better place. Without Bob Bartlett, we wouldn't have a thriving Old Town Monrovia; without Mary Ann Lutz, we wouldn't have the Gold Line, the MAP program, the new library, and any number of other programs. She deserves every compliment she gets. What she doesn't deserve are the lies and innuendo which will, apparently, continue even now.