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New Monrovia Weather Station

Monrovian Brad Hori reports that he has recently put his Personal Weather Station (PWS) on the Internet for the Monrovia area. Data is updated every couple of seconds and his weather station is 25+ years old and has been operating for that long).

"This is real time info, not what you would get from the TV news, which maybe hours old or not from this area, as stuff like temperature, humidity, wind and rain will vary, even blocks away.

"I try to keep my sensors calibrated (within reason) as I have calibrated equipment at work that I can use and portable equipment."

His station, one of a number of Monrovia stations, is called Route 666 Monrovia, KCAMONRO6, and you can see it here:

- Brad Haugaard

1 comment:

  1. This is very cool! Thanks Brad and Brad!