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Pets and Fireworks - Keep Your Cats and Dogs Safe

The Pasadena Humane Society, which serves Monrovia, points out that cats and dogs generally don't enjoy Fourth of July fireworks. It recommends:

- Don't take pets to watch fireworks.
- Keep pets inside during fireworks. Playing a radio may help diffuse the sound of fireworks.
- Be certain that pets' ID tags and microchip are current.
- If a pet may become extremely agitated or stressed, consult a veterinarian and discuss sedatives or overnight boarding.
- If a pet runs away, search the shelter closest to home. Many shelters post photos of the animals that come into their facility on their website. PHS' website,, is updated hourly. Post signs and visit nearby shelters for at least a month. Animals can run a long way when they are badly frightened.
- If a cat is lost, it may stay in hiding for days or weeks, so leave plenty of food and fresh water outside. (Pick it up at night so unwanted wild animals aren’t attracted.) Post signs and check local and neighboring shelters in person and online; a pet’s description may fit several animals in the shelter.

Source: PHS press release

- Brad Haugaard

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