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Electricity Rates Going Up | Monrovia Helping Test Backflow Devices | Plastic Bag Ban

~ It appears electricity rates will go up this summer. Southern California Edison doesn't exactly say "go up," but does say rates will "change." Reasons: The cost to generate or buy power is increasing; SCE is updating the grid; high-usage customers are subsidizing low-usage customers and this will spread costs more evenly.

~ Monrovia Today magazine reports that Monrovia is partnering with USC and a number of backflow prevention device makers to test new backflow devices. These things prevent water (usually contaminated) from flowing the wrong direction in pipes. [Comment: Kinda nice to live in a quiet town where backflow prevention devices can make the news.]

~ At its 7:30 meeting tonight, the Monrovia City Council will again consider whether to ban plastic grocery store carry-out bags. [Comment: Just got back from a trip and those bags are great for storing dirty clothes so they don't mess up clean clothes. Please, no more nonsense about these bags being single-use.]

- Brad Haugaard

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