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Watch Out For 'Attack' Hawks on North Myrtle

Reader Karen E. Karlsson  warns of hawk attacks on North Myrtle. She writes:

  Just an item of interest regarding the interaction of humans and wildlife.  I live in the 300 block of North Myrtle and there is a hawk family living high up in a Chinese Elm tree on the east side in the middle of the block.  There are 3 young hawks in this nest and the parents are doing everything in their power to keep all of us away.  Their talons are vicious and dangerous.  Several of us have been "attacked" and one neighbor is being checked out by the paramedics right now as she has a few hits on her head and face.   Everybody out there who walks our street must be very aware of this situation.  It is no laughing matter.  Some of us carry umbrellas when we walk - actually a hard hat would be good too - but that's a bit much.  So - heads up everyone!!

- Brad Haugaard


  1. Somewhat of a similiar topic..I live on the 200 block of West Lime and in the last several weeks we have seen a coyote wandering our neighborhood. We just seen it again last night around 9:30p on Lime and Magnolia. So please keep any eye on your pets or if you walk at night in this area.

  2. I walked this route this AM and the nice people who live on the EAST side of the street have posted warning signs. THANK YOU!!