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Opinion: Please, Monrovia City Council, No Plastic Bag Ban!

Because the Monrovia City Council will tonight again consider putting a plastic shopping bag ban on its agenda for consideration, I thought I'd publish an email I sent to the council members urging them not to adopt a plastic bag ban. (Here is tonight's agenda, . Look for item RCC-4.) I know not everyone agrees with my view, so feel free to comment, pro or con, in the Comments section, below.

Dear Mayor Lutz and City Council Members,

I am writing to request that you do not adopt a plastic bag ban for Monrovia.

Every waste product I can think of has possible negative consequences:

- Human and animal waste can cause disease.
- Glass never decays and can have sharp edges that can cut people.
- Paper is flammable and is easily windblown.
- Yard waste, in large piles, can spontaneously burst into flame, and it gives off methane gas when buried.

The obvious answer to all these problems is that when handled properly these problems can be minimized or eliminated.

But that is precisely the case with plastic bags.

Handled properly, plastic bags present no more of a problem than other forms of waste, and arbitrarily banning them is an inconvenience and an unnecessary infringement on the rights of Monrovians.

Any problems presented by plastic bags are a triviality and the city should not be concerning itself with the little details of people's lives.

Thank you,

Brad Haugaard


  1. This is a waste of time and money,I don't think this should be considered, This was voted down why does this keep coming back?.

  2. I totally agree with Brad - I don't shop in Pasadena for this very reason. I'll just start shopping in the city where I work. I'm responsible with the plastic bags I use. Please don't regulate something that does not need regulating.

  3. Maybe we need to change our shopping habits. Duarte does not have a ban, we don´t have Albertson's any longer. Duarte has Ralphs and Walmart.