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Tips about Pets for Upcoming Hot Days

The Pasadena Humane Society, which serves Monrovia, urges pet owners to take precautions during the next few days due to hot weather:

- Keep your pets hydrated with plenty of cool water. Provide shade if your pet is outside.

- Avoid exercising pets during peak hours. Exercise them early morning or later in the evening.

- A dog's paw pads can burn easily when walking on asphalt, artificial grass, cement or other similar surfaces. Walk them later in the evening or early in the morning when it is cool.

- Apply sunscreen on your dog's nose, ears and belly to prevent sunburn. Ask your veterinarian what brand you should use.

- For rabbit owners: Place a two-liter frozen bottle of water in your rabbit's hutch. This acts as a natural air conditioner.

- For cat owners: Place your cat in a sink or bathtub with a few ice cubes to play with. This way your cat can have fun and stay cool at the same time!

- For dog owners: Fill a wading pool with shallow water and let your dogs play around in it. Make sure to supervise your dogs while they play.

- Do not leave your pet in the car. If you see an animal left in a car in hot weather, you can report it to the Pasadena Humane Society & SPCA. Call 792-7151 and ask to speak with Field Services.

Pets exhibiting signs of heat exhaustion (e.g., excessive panting, heavily salivating and/or immobile) should be taken immediately to a veterinarian for assessment.

- Brad Haugaard

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