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Any Monrovia Authors Out There?

When I posted here about my book, The Outlander, that I recently published on Amazon, I heard from another Monrovia writer who also has books on Amazon and I began to wonder if there are even more Monrovia authors out there.

With that in mind, I'd like to publish a list of the most recent books by current Monrovia residents.

So, if you have a book available on Amazon (only your most recent one), send me its title, blurb, and link to the Amazon page by Wednesday, April 23, AND convince me you live in Monrovia (No offense to Duarteans, Arcadians and others, but it could get out of hand if I open it to everyone).

Then, if I get at least a few entries, I'll post a list with links.

- Brad Haugaard (

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