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California Assembly Approves Monrovia Assembly Member's Bills

The California Assembly today gave bi-partisan approval to three bills authored by Assembly member Chris Holden, who represents Monrovia. The three include: legislation "to give veterans a stronger voice in college leadership," legislation "to ensure the legacy of President Obama is included in school textbooks," and a resolution to "honor unsung heroes of the Vietnam War."

Source: Holden press release

Comment: A. Why do veterans deserve set-aside board seats? Are they super-citizens? And I say that as a vet. B. Do we really have to ensure President Obama's legacy by force of law?? C. If sailors killed in a training accident in the South China Sea deserve to be on the Vietnam Memorial, why not men killed during the same time period in training exercises in Germany or the U.S.? I approve of some of Mr. Holden's proposals, but these are unnecessary.

- Brad Haugaard

1 comment:

  1. Silly you for asking -- Mr. Holden is preparing for the next election so he can say he had a multitude of bills passed while he served as Assembly member.