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Monrovia's Community Services Commissioner Gloria Crudgington Honored

Gloria and Cleve Crudgington

On Wednesday, March 26, Monrovia's Community Services Commissioner Gloria Crudgington, was recognized by the California Parks and Recreation Society (CPRS) District 13 for her service to the Monrovia community.

Crudgington has served Monrovia for many years, but this recognition specifically recognizes the 14 years of service and leadership in developing the Monrovia Hillside Wilderness Preserve.  As a Monrovia citizen, Crudgington has worked to maintain the aesthetic value of the undeveloped hillsides and set an example as a passionate environmental steward of natural space.

The California Park & Recreation Society's Awards Program recognizes the outstanding achievements of agencies and individuals in the areas of community improvements and programming, facility design and park planning; marketing and communications; and professional and citizen leadership.  As an award winner, Crudgington will be featured in the Spring Issue of Parks and Recreation and on the CPRS website at

"Crudgington was one of the leaders of Wilderness Preserve committee.  She did incredible research on the best way to campaign, educate and get the word out about our preservation efforts," said Mayor Mary Ann Lutz.  "Thanks to those efforts, residents can now hike, bike or walk their dog within the Preserve, and enjoy the beauty of our hillsides with the knowledge that it is preserved for future generations."

Crudgington was appointed to the Monrovia Community Services Commission in 2003 and is currently serving as Chair of that commission.  Her efforts over the past 14 years have resulted in the preservation of critical open space in LA County which opened in 2013.  She and her husband Cleve have also received the Monrovia Chamber of Commerce's Iris Award in 2003 for their work on the Foothills.

CPRS District 13 members and guests celebrated Ms. Crudgington during the annual Awards and Installation Banquet held at the Diamond Bar Community Center.

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