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Fellowship Monrovia Plans Offices at Huntington and California

Proposed office and meeting building for Fellowship Monrovia church.

Fellowship Monrovia, a church which began just over two years ago in the Monrovia Community Center, then moved to the Monrovia High auditorium, is now planning to occupy a 13,000 square foot light industrial building at the northeast corner of Huntington Drive and California for "office space, evening gatherings and a Sunday satellite meeting room," according to a city staff report for the Monrovia Planning Commission. The church will continue to use the High School auditorium for its main Sunday meetings.

Comment: I don't know if this is exactly the meaning, but the phrase "satellite meeting room" suggests a video-connected overflow area, and for a two-year-old church that uses the big MHS auditorium to need an overflow area is pretty amazing.

- Brad Haugaard

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