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Monrovia Authors

After writing a book and putting it on-line I started wondering if there were other Monrovia authors out there, so I invited them to submit their latest book. Here they are, with information about their books, and links. - Brad Haugaard

Author: Marshall Deaton
Title: The Giant Redwoods: California's Majestic Trees

For anyone interested in the world famous and majestic redwood trees of California, this book is a must-read. It provides details for both the Giant and Coast Redwood trees as well as accompanying photos from the past and present, for readers to discover and enjoy.

The contents include interesting facts about the two tree species. It includes the Redwood Tree's physical appearance, species, locations and habitat, fossil records and threats to their existence. Included are 100 photos to view and marvel.

Your child can also learn more about the popularity of these trees and their importance to humans. If you are willing to read and be entertained by these majestic living trees known as the California Redwoods, you should definitely buy and download this book.

Author: Therese Travis
Title: A Fistful of God
She's never taken a drink, but she's recovering from alcoholism all the same.

After the death of her father, teenager Aidyn Pierce spends all her time cleaning up her mother's messes. So when Mom announces she's getting sober, Aidyn doesn't believe her. Mom has tried before, and Aidyn knows there will come a time-a day, a week, maybe even a month from now-when the cravings will be too much, and her mother will start drinking again. So, when Aidyn is encouraged to attend support meetings, she refuses. No point in wasting her time when her mother's going to drink again, anyway.

But what Aidyn doesn't count on is the healing power of love and friendship, and the incredible strength of God to walk both mother and daughter through the dark valley of addiction and recovery.

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Author: Judy Walker
Title: The Beaded Sphere And Variations - Beading In The Third Dimension
A 240-page full-color hard cover featuring detailed instructions, diagrams and photos for a baker's dozen of her bead projects ranging from jewelry to sculptures, including her unique Triple Sphere. Also included is general information about basic beading techniques, a source directory, and a photo gallery of other bead artists' work.

Author: Wyatt Doyle
Title: Stop Requested
The strange connections people make on buses and trains in Los Angeles. Conversations and encounters on the first train in and waiting for the last bus home. It's illustrated by Stanley J. Zappa, a great artist. He's the nephew of Frank Zappa.

"A series of rueful, witty and occasionally heartwrenching stories about riding the bus in L.A. These are folks living on the margin between nothing and everything, stuck between Rodeo Drive and The Highway To Nowhere. Doyle's gift is in capturing those tiny dramatic moments that linger for a brief moment on the periphery of vision."

Author: Timothy C. Lim
Title: Politics in East Asia: Explaining Change and Continuity

It's basically for students, but anyone is interested in better understanding economic and political development in China, Japan, South Korea, North Korea, and Taiwan might be interested.

"This systematic, innovative introduction to the dynamic politics and political economies of China, Japan, North Korea, South Korea, and Taiwan teaches students how to think analytically, critically, and independently about the most significant developments in the region.

The text offers in-depth coverage of the unique experiences of each country, all within the framework of an explicit comparative perspective. Throughout, the five countries are contrasted with one another to maximize opportunities for learning. Covering the intertwined issues of politics, economics, and culture, this is a book that is ideally suited for assignment in any social science course on East Asia."

Author: Brad Haugaard
Title: The Outlander
If his father's life wasn't at stake, TirĂ³n was the last place in the galaxy Cyrus would have gone. It was like Arizona in 1875, and he had miles to ride along a dusty red trail with a killer behind him and a beautiful young woman with a short fuse right ahead...

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