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McDonald's First Restaurant was in Monrovia | Albertson's Airport Mural

~ The precursor to the McDonald's restaurants was actually in Monrovia, according to writer Sylvia Dohnal. In 1937, at the Monrovia Airport, just south of Huntington, between Shamrock and Mountain, Patrick McDonald opened "The Aerodrome" (burgers and orange juice for a nickel). He later moved to San Bernardino, opened a "McDonald's," then Ray Kroc came along and, well, you know the rest.

~ What will happen to the tile mosaic commemorating the old Monrovia Airport if whatever new company takes over the old Albertson's wants to remodel the front of the building? An Albertson's official tells Mark Still, curator of the Monrovia Historical Museum, that the museum can have the mural if that happens.

Source: Monrovia Historic Preservation Group newsletter

- Brad Haugaard

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