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Reseeding Monrovia Hillsides from the Air

Monrovia may try aerial reseeding to replant the burned-off hillsides above Monrovia, according to Interim City Manager Fran Delach. He said the project would need approval from the Federal Aviation Administration.

Until native plants are back growing in the area, there is a danger of non-native plants getting a foothold in the unoccupied area, according to Senior Park Ranger Hector Inzunza.

Source: Interview with Delach and Inzunza

- Brad Haugaard

1 comment:

  1. If we don't have some rain, reseeding will just be an expensive way to feed birds. It's very important not to let non-native flash fuels grow in the burn area but without water nothing is going to grow on that hillside. I saw the burned-over hill from Pavillions and was surprised by how barren it still was.