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New Monrovia City Manager by Mid February? | Peeing in the Park | Drought

From tonight's Monrovia City Council Meeting ...

~ The Monrovia City Council should be able to pick a new city manager by mid-February, according to Interim City Manager Fran DeLach. He said there is a pool of 94 applicants for the position, including "very strong A caliber" candidates.

~ Former City Council candidate Robert Perry said he complained about homeless people in Library Park several months ago but the city has done nothing about it. Most recently, he said, he and his wife saw a man urinating on a tree in Library Park and drinking beer. With a library full of kids, he said, it is only a matter of time before "something tragic happens." Interim City Manager Fran DeLach said police are doing all they legally can do; Shevlin said she'd like a staff report on the issue; Councilman Alexander Blackburn said he'd like to see a community committee come up with recommendations and a budget for the problem; and Councilman Larry Spicer said kids being harassed at the park is "just a part of life" and "they [the homeless] can't just be pushed out of the park - they're human." He said fixing the problem will take time.

~ City Councilwoman Becky Shevlin asked for a report from city staff on how the drought affects Monrovia.

- Brad Haugaard


  1. I don't get Mr . Spicer's comment. Are we suppose to let our kids be harrassed because homeless have no where to go?

  2. let's vote Spicer out

  3. I walk up and down Myrtle often and I have seen a huge increase in the homeless population. Now I get it if they are not harming anyone what can we do? The issue goes back to drug dealings and other questionable activities that these people are doing to service. How come no one has called " social Services" to help the people find the stability they need.