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New Ad Position Open on MonroviaNow

The second ad space on the left (the red block in the illustration, not to scale) is now for sale. It is 300 pixels tall and 160 wide and is sold on a per-month basis beginning in February with a three month minimum and a 12-month maximum, payable in advance. The ad is text unless you have an image you would like to use.
To price the ad, I'm using a reverse auction. Jan. 21 it was $150 per month (again, three-month minimum, so $450 up front). If it doesn't sell, tomorrow I'll lower the price by $20 per month ($390 total), and so on daily until it sells or gets too cheap for me to bother. The price will appear on the ad itself.

For reference, in December MonroviaNow had 17,956 page views and for this month I guesstimate it will have 18,263 page views.
Interested? Send me an email:
- Brad Haugaard

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