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Monrovia Man Tracks Down Suspect in Theft of His $10,000 Watch

Report from Pasadena Police Chief Phillip Sanchez:

"On February 28, 2014, a Monrovia Resident went to exercise at a gym in Pasadena.  The victim secured his personal property in the gym lockers provided.  When he completed his workout, the victim discovered that his locker had been broken into and his property had been stolen (Panerai Men’s Watch, approximate value, 10,000). The victim began monitoring the internet believing that his watch may appear.  In January 2015, the victim saw a watch for bid that he believed was his (based on distinctive markings).  The victim began communicating with the person who was attempting to sell the watch. The victim then contacted Pasadena Police Detective James Riehl, who immediately started to investigate the case.

"Following a comprehensive investigation, James identified a possible suspect.  He contacted the West San Gabriel Valley Anti-Crime Task Force (SGVACTF), who began communication with the suspect. SGVACTF detectives arranged a meeting with the suspect, who identified himself as Brandan Rodriguez, a Male Hispanic, 25 years old, from Thousand Oaks. When Rodriguez arrived at the meeting location, he presented the watch to a Pasadena Undercover officer. Rodriguez was immediately taken into custody without incident.  Detective Riehl also discovered that other items were sold from Rodriguez’s on-line account.  James is working with the Postal Inspector to determine if other crimes were committed.    This was a great arrest, which was made through a coordinated effort with the WSGVTask Force."

- Brad Haugaard

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