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Monrovia Council Members Ask for Report on Loss of $927,000 Grant

At tonight's Monrovia City Council meeting council member Tom Adams noted the loss by the city of a grant of $927,000 for fixing up the old train depot (apparently referring to this: ) and asked for a staff report on the matter. "There may be other money at risk," he said. Mayor Mary Ann Lutz repeated Adams request, asking for a "full, detailed report."

- Brad Haugaard


  1. All the people that have been posting negative about Mary Ann on this you are going to see the real truth. The money was given back so the city didn't lose it. I believe we will be getting that money back shortly but the way Mr Adams makes it seem like its gone for ever when it will be back soon

  2. Am I the only one who is stunned by this comment? Nearly a million dollars gone, the Council had no tracking of it -- nor apparently did the several city managers -- and it's ho hum, lah-dee-dah? I like Mary Anne as a person. I think she is truly passionate about Monrovia. I think she is also afraid to deal in facts and truth. I saw her sell out Monrovia with her vote at the COG. I see the cracks and crumbling side walks. At some point someone has to be responsible. Mary Anne cannot seek to be Mayor and take credit for every success, then turn around and say "well, I'm only one of five votes." She wanted the big chair. She got it. Now he has to own the last 6 years.

    1. Don Hopper is very much interested in what is NOW and what has been happening in this city. Mr Hopper has endorsed a candidate for Mayor and a candidate for a council seat. Mr. Hopper has 2 yard signs on his property. I feel positive ... We will have answers before election day.

  3. At Tuesday's nights City Council Meeting Mr. Adams directed Mr. Che to draw up a report on the so called 'forfeiture' of the 927K to inform the people of Monrovia on what happened. Mayor Lutz in turn enforced that directive. Last week Brad, administrator of this blog, requested information from Mr. Che regarding the forfeiture. It's somewhere down line from here. That report is factually flawed I understand. So here's a heads up Monrovian's. When this next report is released to us I recommend we trust BUT VERIFY. What say you all?