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Clifford DeCosta Election Statement - Running for Monrovia City Council

Clifford DeCosta Candidate for City Council, Monrovia

Who has the time, interest and experience to serve Monrovia?
Clifford DeCosta for City Council - Here’s how…

As a banker, I dedicated 16 years to a national bank, starting as a note teller then quickly moved up to the special assets department where I handled international loans, supervised bankruptcy and foreclosures, specializing in forbearance plans. Eventually, I was promoted to real estate officer.

The next 20 years were devoted to the California State Department of Corrections where I served as a peace officer, sergeant, and correctional counselor. I screened individuals for mandated educational and drug rehabilitation programs, along with work furlough and mother-infant programs. I recruited for the camp program, which trains teams to fight wildfires to preserve our state forests and wildlife.

Now, in retirement, I have the time to serve my fellow Monrovians with my life lessons and experiences. I’m convinced I want the same things that most of my neighbors want:
  • Safe schools with a pipeline from high school to college (instead of prison)
  • The best health care
  • Safe clean parks to enjoy and relax with friends and family
  • Regularly maintained streets, sidewalks, trees, and street lights to reflect our community pride
  • A well staffed police force, fire department, and maintenance crew, to give us the security that our city cares for us as much as we care for our community

I especially want our local businesses to prosper with the addition of the Gold Line and family street fairs.

As you can see, I am not afraid of commitment:
  • 16 years in banking
  • 20 years in law enforcement
  • 35 years living in Monrovia
  • 41 years of marriage

Who can commit and serve Monrovia full time?
I can.


  1. He's the real deal!
    He's got my vote!

  2. Mr. Clifford DeCosta is the real deal..