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Preliminary Financial Contribution Reports for Monrovia Council Race

While very preliminary, initial campaign contribution reports show that so far City Council candidate Scott Austin has raised the most money, $5239.13. Details:

- Scott Austin's campaign for city council has received $1,028.52 from Debbie Austin, $3,000 from Monrovia Firefighters Local 2415 and $1,210.61 from the California Professional Firefighters Political Action Committee in Sacramento.

- Mayor Mary Ann Lutz's campaign has received $5,000 from herself and her husband.

- Becky Shevlin's campaign received $5,000 from Chris Shevlin.

City Clerk Alice Atkins writes that these are preliminary reports and that, "The rest of the candidates filed stating they spent or received less than $1,000 in 2014 (FPPC Form 470). I have not included those statements, as it does not require any itemized reporting - just that declaration.

"The next reporting period for candidates with committees ends February 28 and is due on March 5. I expect more candidates who established their committees after January 1 to be filing at that time."

- Brad Haugaard

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