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Monrovia Council: City Reorganization; Huntington Drive Median Design

At its March 3 meeting (agenda: ), the Monrovia City Council will ...

~ Consider reorganizing some city departments. You can see the proposed changes here ( ). Scroll down to page seven to see charts of the proposed reorganization.

~ Contract with Lawrence R. Moss & Associates for landscape architectural design services related to Huntington Drive Median Improvement Project in an amount not to exceed $8,500.

- Brad Haugaard


  1. Really? $8500 on a design to plant flowers and trees? This should be a low priority considering all of the other things in the city that actually need to be fixed.

    1. Do you know how much is spent every year on watering and mowing the medians along Huntington? I don't either, but sure seems like you should know that before calling the 8,500 a waste of money.

      What if a low-water, low-maintenance median redesign saves the City 10,000 a year? 8,500 seems like a bargain in that context.

    2. If that is the case then the city should make that argument. If the design is $8500 then how much is the implementation? I'm sure far more than $8500.

      If you want to nit pick aboout city water use and waste just walk around in the early morning hours and there is plently of it that doesn't require a $8500 artist rendering.