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Becky Shevlin Election Statement - Running for Monrovia City Council


It has been an honor to serve Monrovia for the past six years. I pledge to remain connected and informed in working together to meet the needs of all my fellow Monrovians. My commitments include:

Council Representative
  • Adopt-A-School; Clifton Middle School  
  • Community Services Commission Liaison; past Commissioner serving 11 years 
  • Foothill Transit Executive Board Member
  • Mayor Pro Tem (2013/2015)
  • Monrovia Old Town Advisory Board
  • Southern California Association of Governments and its Community, Economic & Housing Development Committee
  • SG Valley Council of Governments Housing Committee VP
  • Alternate –
          - Foothill Workforce Investment Board
         - LA County Sanitation Districts 15/22
         - SG Valley Council of Governments
         - San Gabriel Valley Economic Partnership

  • Friends of the Monrovia Library
  • Monrovia Historic Preservation Group
  • Monrovia Association of Fine Arts Board Member
  • Monrovia Reads Board Member since 2003 and Past President 2008 and 2009
  • Monrovia Community Coordinating Council Member 17 Years; serving two terms each in all Executive Board positions; current Calendar Coordinator
  • Monrovia Chamber BEACON; Secretary; past Chamber Board Member; President 2007  
  • Monrovia Guild – Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles 
  • Organize and participate in clean-up events and Make-a-Difference Days 
  • LA County Commission for Women Commissioner; current President
  • Sunday School Teacher ongoing 34 Years 
  • Supporter of numerous other Community Groups/Organizations
I believe I am qualified, prepared, and committed to represent and work with you to address and balance growing economic and regulatory challenges while also diligently working to preserve our rich heritage and sense of community to collectively assure a prosperous future for all Monrovians. I humbly ask for your vote on April 14th and always encourage you to contact me directly at (626)253-0072 or with any comments, questions, or concerns you may have. Also please see my website and Facebook page, Becky Shevlin for City Council.


  1. Good job I think you are a really good asset to our city and as a council women I think you have done a great job representing our city. I think we need more people representing our city like you. I like the fact in your election statement it was all positive no finger pointing just the facts. No deflection to make your self look or sound better or putting some other candidate down. I respect that that's why you have my vote.

    1. I strongly recommend that we pry deeper in to the candidates rather than accepting the information that we are spoon fed by the candidates themselves. Still waters run deep.

    2. Mr. Ziegler. I will be paying close attention to you at the candidate forum. Bring it HOME to me Chris and you'll get my vote.