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Statements by Candidates For 41st Assembly District

I was approached in early September by Nathaniel Tsai, who is the Republican candidate for the 41st Assembly District, of which Monrovia is a part. He asked if I would do a story about his candidacy. Instead, I offered to publish a campaign statement, with the understanding that I would make the same offer to incumbent Chris Holden. Both responded favorably, and have submitted statements. Here they are, unedited, in the order I received them. - Brad Haugaard

From Assemblyman Chris Holden's Campaign

Dear readers,

When I was elected to the Assembly in November 2012, the future of our great state was an unsteady one. Facing lagging job growth, record budget deficits and rising costs for college and post-secondary education, I joined my fellow members in the Legislature in working to make California a better place to live for millions of middle-class families.

But this work is hardly reserved for those in Sacramento. In my two years serving Assembly District 41, it has been my privilege to work with business owners and community leaders alike to create common-sense solutions and boost job growth for the Foothill communities. We have worked to expand usage of small business loans, boosted the development of 'start-up' companies and helped reduce fees for California students attending our public universities through the Middle Class Scholarship program.

In addition, I have continued to advocate for expansions of the Gold Line, a project that I first got involved with as Mayor of Pasadena, my city of lifelong residence. Connecting Pasadena to the Gold Line, coupled with the construction of the Paseo Colorado and the new convention center, helped revitalize the downtown area for both residents and business owners.

Expansion of the light rail in the San Gabriel Valley would connect the existing line from Pasadena and progressing expansion projects to Azusa with communities extending out through to La Verne, Claremont and even to Ontario Airport. This would not only provide a clean and cheap transportation alternative for commuters in our district, but it would also continue to boost local business activity.

Today in California, we've turned record deficit into budget surpluses, a first in many years for our state, which has allowed us to make investments to safeguard our state's future. Expanding our public transportation options is an investment in our businesses, communities and our environment.

It has been my honor to serve the foothill communities in the Assembly these past two years, but I chose to run again because I know there is more work to be done. I hope that you'll join me this November in working to continue to support small business growth, provide aid for job seekers and ensure the success of future Californians by improving our public schools and universities as well as preserving our precious natural resources. I have always relied on the advice of people like yourself, so I look forward to working with you to find the commonplace solutions that will keep making this state better.


Chris Holden

From  Nathaniel Tsai's Campaign

"Welcome to Our Future":  Nathaniel Tsai for California State Assembly
by Zachary Grau

As of April 9th, Nathan became an official write-in candidate for California's State Assembly in the 41st District. On June 3 Nathan marked a chapter in this journey, as he became California's youngest state nominee for State Assembly! Now Nathan has a chance to become the youngest candidate to win a state election in the entire nation later this November.

Nathan was born in Glendale, CA, and was raised in Alhambra before moving to San Marino, where he graduated from San Marino High School. Nathan is currently a freshman at CMC, where he is majoring in Government. He is a swimmer for the CMS Swim and Dive team, an active member of the Claremont College Republicans, and a cadet in CMC's ROTC program.

During our interview, it became apparent how much Nathan valued the importance of representation. As he puts it, "I'm not attracted to politics, but rather I'm attracted to serving the interests of my constituents." Following this ideal, Nathan wanted me to know how this whole campaign did not start because of his love of politics, but rather "the opportunity to serve the true interests of his constituents". He spoke about how "service above self" is an important principle he lives by, and that political office is an outlet where he could personify this principle on a grand scale.

Toward the end of our interview, one question still remained: Why start this campaign now? Nathan gave me two reasons. First, his involvement in ROTC would make it impossible for him to wait until after graduation to run because he would have at least another 4 years of service ahead of him. For his second reason, Nathan explained how he "wanted to make an impact on our generation now". Nathan plans on having a significant role in today's politics, while establishing a new mentality for other ambitious minds to adopt.

Nathan provided me with some key issues that he believes need attention. "Education" is an issue he believes needs immediate revision, "especially when taking into account the downward path of California's public education system the past decade". Having attended public institutions himself, Nathan was able to witness first-hand the many problems with our schools, including overcrowded classrooms, lack of funds, etc. Another topic Nathan wants to focus on is transportation, "specifically in the public sector". Nathan realizes that future transportation projects could lead to more job opportunities for people. At the same time, he also wants to put an end to the rising concern of over-crowded freeways that everyone can attest to. Lastly, Nathan wants to tackle the apparent drought/power crisis in California, with water consumption on an exponential rise and the controversial shut down of the Santa Onofre power plant.

To get more information on Nathaniel Tsai and his campaign, you can visit his website at or email him at


  1. As much as I want to vote for anyone besides Chris Holden that is a poorly written campaign statement by Mr. Tsai.

  2. Nathaniel Tsai is a KID. He is not yet ready for this or any other state office . He'LL have to wait until he's dry behind the ear. Those thugs in SAC will eat him alive regardless of his good intentions. In fact good intentions ruined a man such as OLD Arnold. He will loose HUGE.

  3. I think Mr. Tsai should have looked over that article before he had it published.

  4. This was a poorly written article on my part. My press secretary literally just trimmed down an article we released earlier from 1400 words to 500 and I made the mistake of not looking it over before I forwarded it to Mr. Haugaard.

    I understand that this release makes me sound childish and sounds like I have no idea what I'm talking about. I promise you that the opposite of that is true. Anyone who reads this article and finds it unsatisfactory, please feel free to email me at I apologize for the bad article and I hope that you would redirect your reading to my website or reach out to me directly.

  5. Mr. Holden is being modest by understating his accomplishments. We will never forget his relentless efforts in establishing statewide teaching of the history of President Obama. Even before this President leaves office our children will be made aware of his greatness as OUR Nations first Black President. While others in SAC were chasing stupid issues of their own Mr. Holden was working hard to establish President Obama's legacy. Well done Mr. Holden

  6. 6:14 are you being sarcastic?

    I'm not a republican but Obama is going to go down as one of the worst Presidents in history of the US.

    You do know how Holden got his current job? It is all because of his fundraising abilities for his party.

  7. Mr. Holden got his job for his worship of BHO. In fact he will keep it for that same reason. That's how California politics functions at mid-term elections. BTW ... BHO is loosing no sleep because of that 'worst President in history' opinion of ours. Holden is prostrated for this President.

  8. I voted for Nathaniel because I strongly believe in what he is doing! Good Luck tonight Mr. Tsai!