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Bond to Pay for Monrovia Infrastructure? - Maybe Not | Canyon Park | Swap Produce

~ While City Manager Oliver Chi confirms that there is a rumor that the Monrovia city government plans to ask voters to pass a bond measure to fund deferred maintenance on water, sewer, streets and related infrastructure, he said he has not heard any such proposal either from the City Council or from city staff. He added, "I don't believe we will need to go out for a bond" to fund improvements. However, he did say the Public Works Department is working on a master plan for the sewage and water systems, and curbs, gutters and sidewalks, but it hasn't reached the point of discussing how to pay for it. But when the discussion reaches that point, he said, there are options other than a bond, such as Measure R funds (from an existing countywide tax) and user fees.

~ Director of Community Services Tina Cherry reports that while the popular Haunted Hike, in Monrovia Canyon Park, is not being held this year, that decision "may be reconsidered." The problems with the hike, she said, are that it costs too much (the fees do not cover the expenses) and it is "not necessarily" aligned with preservation of the environment. She said the fishing line to hang up spooky stuff may not all get cleaned up.

~ Also, Cherry reports that Senior Park Ranger Hector Inzunza is taking a new job with Riverside County. Comment: Met him. Always seemed a very competent guy.

~ Gem City Images blog reports that the newest trail in Monrovia Canyon Park was dedicated today as the Cunningham Overlook Trail, after volunteer trail crew boss Ed Cunningham.

~ Produce in the Park, this Saturday, Nov. 1 9-11 a.m. in Library Park at the corner of Lime and Myrtle. Swap produce.

- Brad Haugaard

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