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Lunch at Bull Taco

Lunch at The new Bull Taco, on the north side of Lemon near Myrtle. Minimalist  decor. Got a California Burrito ($8) and a Diet Coke (1.50). The burrito (I took a couple bites before snapping this picture) has carne asada, tater tots and avocado in it. Came with chips and quite spicy salsa. Satisfying burrito. 

- Brad Haugaard


  1. Tater tots, brilliant. You sold me on it. Must try.

  2. My family tried Bull Taco "Inauthentic Mexican" restaurant. It is average at best. We were hoping for more unique flavors. Our tacos needed more to them, the tortilla was stale and the salsa was kind of bland. I looked up "inauthentic" which means "not authentic." I'm not sure what they're are striving for? Not being "authentic."

    1. I swung by Bull Taco for lunch today to see for myself what people have been talking about. I loved my lunch. I ordered the Salmon Dill taco special and it was fantastic. I looked up the word "fantastic" and it means "extraordinarily good or attractive" and that is was. I have eaten at many mexican restaurants and it was truly inauthentic . I hope others go and enjoy Bull Taco too. It' a nice, new addition to our Monrovia. Next time i'm gonna try the duck tacos !

  3. If the food isn't tex-mex authentic, at least the decor is super original. that loopy copper "chandelier" INSPIRES