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Obama Names San Gabriel Mountains a National Monument

Obama has named the San Gabriel Mountains a National Monument today.

Comment: As I said before, I'm not so much upset at the mountains being made a national monument as I am upset that there seemed to be almost no information disseminated about what the designation would mean, and therefore no opportunity to comment intelligently about it. Oh well, I guess we will find out now.

Also, I was curious about an advocacy group called San Gabriel Mountains Forever that has been quoted in the LA Times, Star-News, San Gabriel Valley Tribune, Wall Street Journal and other media (see Google News results: ). I looked up the domain name,, on (see it here: ), and it turns out it is registered to Campaign for America's W[ilderness] based in Washington D.C., and now part of the Pew Charitable Funds.

So no, it may have appeared to be so, but it is not a local group.

- Brad Haugaard

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