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What 'National Monument' Designation Means for Monrovia

This fact sheet from the White House ( gives a bit of detail on what it means that a big chunk of the San Gabriel Mountains is now a national monument. Here are a few points I find interesting for Monrovia:

- There is a map that is way too small to study detail, but it seems to show that the southern border of the monument is along Rincon Road, which is an east-west crestline dirt road several miles above the north edge of Monrovia.

- I had thought national monuments were all administered by the Park Service, but apparently they can be administered by a variety of federal agencies, and this one will be administered by the Forest Service, as it is now.

- Various charitable organizations have pledged about $3.5 million for the monument area.

Comment: Honestly, I'm not really sure what has changed. As part of the National Forest, all the things that will be protected now were protected before, and there doesn't seem to be a dime more in federal funds as a result of this (though it's nice some charities are chipping in), and the Forest Service, which was in charge before, is still in charge.

- Brad Haugaard

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