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Sign Being Removed | Monrovia City Hall Closed for Vets Day

~ I saw this sign at the entrance to the Monrovia Hillside Preserve just off of Ridgecrest. Since this isn't Forest Service land I asked Director of Community Services Tina Cherry why it was there. She said the Forest Service "has used this access point in the past" but is no longer using it, "so the sign will be removed."

~ Monrovia City Hall will be closed for Veterans Day, Nov. 11.

- Brad Haugaard


  1. The US Forest Service will never remove that sign. Decades of 'access' establishes a right of passage. Probably permanent. Tina is most likely unaware or was just trying to look smart or maybe just trying to get Brad to move on. BTW ... I enjoy the information in your blog very much. Keep up your good work Brad.

  2. Thanks for the praise. As for what the Forest Service may do, I don't know, though I'm a bit wary as well. But as for Tina, I believe she was shooting straight with me.