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Protest Against Chu's Plan to Declare San Gabriel Mountains a National Monument

A protest against Representative Judy Chu's plan to have President Obama declare the San Gabriel Mountains a National Monument was held today at Chu's field office in Pasadena. Chu represents the north edge of Monrovia. The protest was promoted by the Arturo Alas for Congress campaign. Picture source: Alas' office.

Note: A reader felt this posting suggested Alas is running against Chu, who represents the 27th Congressional District. To be clear, Alas is running in the 32nd Congressional District, currently held by Grace Napolitano.

- Brad Haugaard


  1. Monrovia Now ... Please check your information on CA Dist 27 2014 election. Jack Orswell is Chu's opponent I believe. Unless someone hid redistricting from the voters

  2. I didn't say Alas was running against Chu, but you're right, Alas is running against Grace Napolitano in the 32nd Congressional District. Perhaps I should have made that clearer. I'll modify the posting to reflect that.

  3. We need to be very vocal about this here in our sweet little town. These are OUR mountains, and we want them to stay under OUR control! We say NO to Judy Chu!!!

  4. I would like to see a report on the pluses and minuses of this plan. It's really confusing to figure out the repercussions of it on both sides. It seems like even people that are super against it, don't really know what it is. Are there any objective reports on this?