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Monrovia Power Outage - More than 6,000 Affected

Southern California Edison reports power outage in Monrovia, affecting 6,099 customers. They're analyzing the problem and estimated restoration time is still being determined. I've seen reports of outages at Monroe School, on Primrose and Lemon, West Olive, Encino south of Huntington, Scenic, Ivy, Duarte Road and Mayflower, Myrtle south of Lime, parts of Huntington Oaks Shopping Center, etc.

Update: SCE now has two outage reports for Monrovia, indicating that now only about 102 customers are affected.

Update 2: SCE hopeful most of the problem will be fixed by 5 p.m.

Update 3: It was caused by a squirrel, now deceased.

- Brad Haugaard

1 comment:

  1. Was out too at Myrtle and oaks. Light out and not flashing at magnolia and foothill. Be careful folks.