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Monrovia California Prepares for Ebola | Rain?

~ While downplaying the possibility of Ebola hitting the Monrovia area, Fire Chief Christopher Donovan says the city is getting ready anyway. Special protective gear, ambulance and hospital procedures. Comment: Good! Better safe than sorry. Details:

~ National Weather Service predicting rain for California this Friday and Saturday, though not much for the Monrovia area.

- Brad Haugaard


  1. Yes, it's better to be safe than sorry; but, let's not get paranoid over the Ebola issue. We should be more concerned about the upcoming flu season, since more of us will contract it. We should have, by now, received our annual flu shots as a preventative step.

    One last comment. We should be concerned about contracting the enterovirus D-68. It's more deadly than Ebola; because there's no cure.

  2. I agree with the flu shot needs vs the media hype on Ebola. The only corrections I would add is that I do not think that Ebola has a cure either.

  3. Kelly,
    There is a cure for Ebola; however, it's in the beta testing stage. It has been used on two people, so far, with a 100% success rate.