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Should Monrovia Fine for Both Over and Under Watering? | Film Fest

~ A Monrovia woman who got hit with a $250 fine has written to the city to say that it is wrong for the city "to be issuing both over-watering and non-watering citations at this time." Patricia Neville adds: "I believe the City of Monrovia is on the wrong side of history pursuing a dead vegetation ordinance in a severe drought.

~ Report on Action on Film fest at Monrovia's Krikorian theater.

- Brad Haugaard

1 comment:

  1. How as a Monrovian resident how are you supposed to know when you've reached your billing limit of water usage besides getting a water bill with a surcharge? How will you know if that last laundry load, your last shower, or dishwashing effort will put you into a water over limit surcharge situation. We have no water gauges on our faucets or toilets. Sometimes there's no thought about how residents deal with laws imposed upon them.

    I understand about the need to conserve water during this drought, but we're being given a set of rules to follow and asking us to monitor and restrict our water consumption with a crystal ball.