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Monrovia Now in a Water Emergency; Is NRA Dead?

~ At its meeting tonight the Monrovia City Council unanimously declared the city is in a a water emergency, which means Phase 1 of the city's emergency plan will go into effect. To see what that means for you, click here: . The council pulled the water emergency item from its consent calendar (a list of routine items generally approved without discussion) so it could be discussed in depth. Councilman Tom Adams worried that people might get fined if the wind blows a bit of water onto the sidewalk. And in that regard, he said, the city is probably the worst violator. Staff members said the intent is not to penalize the kind of "overspray" Adams was describing, but rather "runoff" - water running down the street.

~ Acting City Manager Fran Delach said there is a mere 4% chance that the proposed National Recreation Area for the mountains behind Monrovia will ever get out of committee. That according to a government tracking service estimate. Comment: Good.

- Brad Haugaard

1 comment:

  1. Good job Tom Adams for taking the initiative on that