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City of Monrovia Statement on Water Emergency Regulations

The Monrovia City Council Declared a Water Shortage Emergency and implemented Phase I of the Water Conservation Ordinance at the August 5 City Council meeting, following Emergency Resolution No. 2014-0038 adopted by the State Water Resources Control Board on July 15, 2014, an Emergency Regulation for Statewide Urban Water Conservation requiring mandatory water conservation.  Water Conservation efforts went into effect August 11 and will remain in effect until the City Council cancels the declaration.

The following restrictions are now in place:

- No person shall hose wash any sidewalk, walkway, driveway, parking area or other paved surface, except as required for sanitary purposes.

-  Washing of motor vehicles shall be done only with a hand-held bucket or hose equipped with a positive shut-off nozzle.

- No water shall be used to clean, fill or maintain levels in decorative fountains unless the water is part of a recycling (recirculating) system.

- No restaurant, hotel, café, cafeteria or other place where food is sold, served or offered for sale shall serve drinking water to any customer unless expressly requested by that customer.

- All customers shall promptly repair all leaks from indoor and outdoor plumbing fixtures within 48 hours of discovery.

- All lawns, landscape or other turf area shall be watered down not more than every third day between the hours of 5 p.m. and 10 a.m.

- No person or customer shall cause or allow water to run off landscaped areas onto adjoining streets, sidewalks, or other paved areas due to incorrectly directed or maintained sprinklers or as the result of excessive watering.

These water conservation efforts are part of an ongoing push by the State of California to respond to the statewide drought currently affecting California.

- In January 17, 2014, the Governor’s Proclamation No. 1-17-2014 declared a State of Emergency to exist in California due to the severe drought conditions, with 2014 projected to be the driest year on record.

- In April 25, 2014, the Governor issued an executive order to strengthen the state’s ability to manage water and called on all Californians to re-double their efforts to conserve water.

Due to the adoption of the State Resolution, the City of Monrovia may impose fines of up to $500 for noncompliance.  City officials will provide warning notices for residents prior to enforcing a fine and residents will receive 48-72 hours to address issues related to the Phase 1 restrictions.

The City of Monrovia must, by the 15th of each of month, report the amount of potable water it produced the preceding month and compare that amount to the same calendar month in 2013. By October 15, the report shall include the gallons of water used per person per day by the residential customers it serves.

Water is a critical part of California’s way of life. The economy, environment and day-to- day lifestyle need water to flourish. Conservation will help stretch water availability.

There are lots of simple ways to reduce the amount of water used at home, both inside and outside. Residents are encouraged to install drought-tolerant landscaping, turn off the sink when brushing their teeth, and promptly fix leaks.

Rebate programs are available to residents to help conserve water:

- Upper SGV Municipal Water District at or (626) 443-2297

- SoCal Water$mart at or 1 (800) 376-3314

- Save Our Water at

For more information on how to use water wisely, please contact Public Works at (626) 932-5575 or email

To report water wasters, residents should contact City of Monrovia Public Works Department at (626) 932-5575 during regular business hours or send an email to

Residents looking to convert to drought tolerant landscaping should check with the Monrovia Building and Planning Divisions at (626) 932-5565 for information on permits required and the City landscaping ordinance.

Source: City of Monrovia press release

- Brad Haugaard

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