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Monrovia City Council: Revise Water Ordinance; Impose Offer on City Workers

At its next meeting the Monrovia City Council (agenda: ) will, among other things ...

~ Revise the city's water conservation ordinance to:

- Set a new baseline formula for water usage (instead of using water usage for the 1989-1990 billing year). The new baseline is the average water usage per month for the previous five years prior to the implementation of a particular phase of the Water Conservation Ordinance. (We are currently in Phase I of the ordinance.)

- Grant exceptions to the requirement to use flow restrictors (flow restrictors must come into effect at a more advanced phase as I don't believe they are being required right now) if they are necessary to meet fire safety requirements.

- "Due to the severity of the drought," modify the water-saving requirements for Phases III, IV, and V to decrease the percentage of water that can be used. For Phase III, from 85% to 80%; For Phase IV from 80% to 75%; for Phase V from 75% to 50%.

~ Consider imposing its "Last, Best and Final Offer to the Monrovia Municipal Employees Association." The city report says the offer "provides for continuation of Merit Salary adjustments and the Performance/Longevity Bonus Program. In addition, all members will receive an increase to the City's fringe benefit contribution for medical insurance of $100 per month with the provision that all new employees hired after the effective date of the implementation of these terms and conditions will receive half (50%) of the monthly fringe benefit amount should they waive enrollment in the City's medical insurance program."

- Brad Haugaard

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