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Monrovia Pavilions Market - And All of Vons - Being Bought by Albertsons

The Albertsons supermarket company is buying the Safeway supermarket chain, which owns Vons and Vons Pavilions. There is a rumor on the Internet that the Pavilions at Myrtle and Foothill will close.

Comment: Hmm. I would tend to doubt Albertsons would close the market as I don't think it overlaps any Albertsons' markets, and I'm not even sure that Alberstons will change the name. I'll try to update this as I learn more.

- Brad Haugaard


  1. The employees should be informed, if this is the case!!!!!

  2. Hope this is not true. What will happen to the people that use Monrovia Transit to go to Pavillions. King Ranch will be the only option, I am not knocking King Ranch but they are pretty limited on items

  3. I don't understand. How does a company buy up another huge company - meaning it must have invested a huge amount of money - and then closes down not only one, but two of their strategically located supermarkets? One - Albertsons on Huntington and now they'll be closing down Pavilion on Foothill? Two places where there is a need for grocery stores. Not getting it. Unless there's a nefarious plan here to limit their supermarkets and spread them out over larger areas, like Costco and Walmart and Target. This way they can pay less wages, less health care insurance, less benefits because they'll have less employees - and to hell with the shoppers who have to travel out of their way to get to one of their few stores that will also be constantly crowded and overflowing with shoppers because there will then be so few stores to chose from. That's what I'm seeing as their bigger plan. Less overhead more profit. The problem with this plan, is that consumers will adapt and probably shop at Sprouts, Trader Joe's and Baja Ranch more for all their needs and not even bother traveling to wherever the hell the closest Safeway store might be. In fact, I can see more people also going into the Asian supermarkets too to compensate for the loss of these American mega supermarkets. That's what I'm thinking. I rarely shop at Pavilion now because I can get cheaper and better items at Sprouts and Trader Joe's. I admit there are certain items I can only get at Pavilion but there's always Ralph's.

    Where is King Ranch?

  4. My bad, meant Baja Ranch. Use to be King Ranch a few years back.

  5. I'd be sad if the Pavilions closed. It's my second favorite grocery store in Monrovia, after TJs. And it's a much better shopping experience than the Albertsons was before it closed.