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Monrovia School Board: Repair Work; Common Core; Honors; Etc.

At its Wednesday, Aug. 13, 7 p.m. meeting (agenda: ) the Monrovia School Board will ...

~ Consider seismic retrofitting and remodeling of the Band and Choir Room at Monrovia High; new cafeteria flooring for Santa Fe, Monroe and Clifton schools; kindergarten fencing at Mayflower; roof work at Santa Fe, Mayflower, CELC, Plymouth and Monrovia High; asphalt repair at Monroe, Plymouth, Santa Fe, Bradoaks and Wild Rose; field renovations.

~ Present for public review (I think that means you can go in to the school district office and ask to see it) "bridge" material to help the district transition to Common Core math.

~ Congratulate Monrovia High School ceramics teacher Sal Perez as the 2014 recipient of the Renaissance Award given by Monrovia Association of Fine Arts; recognize the Monrovia High Marching Band under the direction of Daniel Magallanes for its participation in the Washington D.C. Memorial Day Parade; recognize and thank Santa Fe music instructor Tony Ellis for the "Evening with Gershwin" concert; recognize and congratulate Mike Williams as the Pasadena Star-News Soccer Coach of the Year; recognize and thank The Cheng Family Foundation for sponsoring Diavolo Dance Institute at Bradoaks, Mayflower, and Monroe Elementary Schools for the 2014-15 school year.

~ Consider replacing 15-year-old library management software.

~ Receive a report on hot weather guidelines for athletics.

~ Adopt a new school bus schedule.

- Brad Haugaard

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